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The roots of KALLE date back into the year 1863.
Dr. Wilhelm Kalle founded the family business in Wiesbaden, Germany, and started to produce the seamless casings in 1929. Seamless, in German “nahtlos” is where the name NALO, the trademark of successful products in sausage production, comes from. Fibre- and artificial casings followed as well as most modern casings with special functions. KALLE became a worldwide market leader for sausage casings produced of viscose, synthetics and textile. Nowadays ten independent Kalle-branches and over 60 independent agencies build a reliable trade- and service network all over the world.
In 1992 we became the first ISO 9001 certified casing producer, which ensures highest quality standards till now.



For nearly 70 years KALLE-products have been sold in Austria. From 1951on the „Zimmermann-company“ offered our products. In February 1979 „Hoechst Austria“ undertook the selling of casings. The “Wurstpack GmbH”, with a 50% interest of the Zimmermann-company, was founded. In 1982 “Hoechst Austria” became the only distributor for NALO-casings in Austria.
1996 the company was renamed in „Hoechst Austria Industries GmbH“.
In 1997 the company was renamed in „KALLE-Nalo Austria VertriebsGmbH“ after a management-buyout.
In 2001 the company got today’s name: Kalle Austria GmbH. In 2002 general manager Josef Strablegg transferred the company to Guntramsdorf, where it is located till now.
Packaging, warehouse management, order processing, accounting, distribution and management were combined to secure perfect customer service. Investments in production, and hard- and software led to an improvement in efficiency. As first Kalle-branch we adopted the surrounding countries in our responsibility.  

        Slovenia since 1995
        Croatia since 1996
        Slovakia since 2001
        Serbia since 2006
        Bosnia i Herzegovina since 2008
        Montenegro since 2010
        Mazedonia since 2010
        Albania since 2011

To fulfil customer wishes and guarantee our successes trade goods were implemented in our program.


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